The Latino Cultures Network is an open-access website that models and promotes new research, pedagogy, and collaborative scholarship in Latino studies. Aimed broadly at the general reader, but highly adaptable for classroom use, the site features short entries on aspects of Latino culture organized into four categories: Keywords; Flashpoints; Texts; and Images/Objects/Sounds.

These categories underscore the interconnectedness of cultural expression. Lexicon entries explore the histories and usages of terms important in Latino studies (e.g. assimilation, Nuyorican). Flashpoints describe events with the aim of illuminating a point in the past as a tension that reverberates into the present (e.g. the establishment of the Spanish Mission system as an entryway into the question of Latinos and indigeneity). The categories of Texts and Images, Objects, Sounds explore individual works as departure points for critical interventions in the study of U.S. and Latin American culture. There are many points of overlap between the four categories, each of which models a mode of analysis rather than an encyclopedic set of chronologically arranged facts.

Our site speaks with many voices, and we encourage user comments and submissions. Review our “Submissions Guidelines” to learn more about contributing. By encouraging readerly feedback and participation at all levels, we intend this site as a demonstration of what collaborative, dialogic scholarship can mean in the twenty-first century.